Autism Alert Cards

This card has been designed to enable those who carry it to identify themselves as Autistic and to alert the police and other emergency services when required.

Autistic individuals may present unusually to those without an understanding of autism.

This could cause unnecessary stress and difficulty both for the autistic individual and the person interacting with them.

The card highlights how the bearer may have difficulties in talking and listening and may show signs of unusual behaviour.


This will alert the emergency services that the card holder may have difficulty communicating and may appear anxious in unfamiliar surroundings or exhibit behaviour which, to the unaware, may seem strange and could be misinterpreted.


It also includes a named contact, who can offer their support to help police, fire, ambulance, hospital and other key public service professionals better understand autism and their approach. The card is likely to be of most benefit to those who access the community independently but could be helpful for those who usually have the support of a carer or parent particularly if they were lost. It is available to all ages, but the applicant needs to have a formal diagnosis to apply for the card.

You can download an application form here below. (Full details on how to complete the form,

what to send, and where to send it to, are on the form).


*During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have limited staff at Head Office, this may cause a delay in processing applications, often it is quicker for us to process online applications with proof of diagnosis sent together.

Autism Alert Card Image 1.jpg
Autism Alert Card Image 2.jpg